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What is New Beetle Update?

New Beetle Update is a quarterly newsletter devoted exclusively to the care and maintenance of the VW New Beetle.

Do I really need the New Beetle Update?

You may have the best owners manual VW has ever made. Even if you did purchase the Official Service Manual from Robert Bentley Publishers.  I will guarantee you that you do NEED the Update.  Even if you never touch a screw driver, you will be a better informed consumer and you will save money.  If you do not save more than the cost of your subscription in the first year, write me and I'll refund your money.  One tip alone will save you big bucks! It will tell things like which antifreeze is safe to use.  It's in the owner's manual, but did you even notice? How about power steering fluid?  That's not even mentioned in the owner's manual.  What about a dead battery?  Did you know that certain codes may have to be reprogrammed by the dealer?  All of these topics and many more will be covered in the New Beetle Update.

From EuroVan Update Subscribers...

(We are starting to get similar comments on the New Beetle Update.)

I have enjoyed the Updates and found the information very helpful. As per editor, I too live in a rural area and much prefer self-sevice. I purchased my EuroVan used and found your advice dead on. --- JRV, Henderson, NC

This is where my "thank you" comes in. Had you not begun publication of the "EuroVan Update" I would not be aware of these as potential problems. I feel as a direct result of subscribing, I saved myself a $1500 repair for a full replacement of the A/C system. -- JCM, Mayfield, KY

Appreciate all your hard work and time to putting together such a useful and enjoyable publication for all of us EuroVan Fans! -- Mrs. CCM, Massillon, OH

EuroVan Update is better than any troubleshooting manual ever produced and costs less. -- RDS, Mechanicsville, MD

Sample (Excerpt) Issue
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