PARTS from dismantled VWs...

VEE DUB MOTORS -- 11365 US Highway 60 W  -- Kevil KY 42053

Phone: 270-994-6261

We are accumulating some salvage vehicles that are being dismantled for parts. 

If we do not have what you need, a good resource is

In general our prices will be set at 1/3 the consumer retail price for the part at the dealer.  Some prices are negotiable, especially for wear items.  If the part can be sent in a box via mail or UPS, you will be charged the exact shipping.  If crates and special shipping is involved, there may be added handling fees.  The best way to pay is to use PayPal or to send a check by mail.  Parts will not be shipped until payment is received.

Cars being dismantled:

1. 1986 VW Quantum, Syncro, Wagon, 135,000 miles, 5-cylinder engine, manual transmission.  Car is from New York, so body parts may have some rust, especially the rear tail gate.  Also there is damage to the rear end.  The car was running when retired from active duty.  (This was my personal car.)  I'm about ready to send the poor thing to the crusher.  Updated on 8/22/14: Will get the easy parts off, but engine, tranny, syncro are going to the scrap yard.


2. 2001 VW Passat, Wagon, 85,000 miles, 6-cylinder engine, tiptronic transmission.   It apparently went off the road and suffered a lot of superficial body damage.  No air bags were deployed and all the mechanicals look good.  I'll be documenting some better information on this car as I dig into it.  The windshield, drivers window and right rear passenger windows are broken.  Engine has been sold.  Transmission, TCM, ECM, and most other parts are available.  Updated on 8/22/14: Car has been scrapped, but I do still have a lot of the parts.


3. 2000 New Beetle GLS 1.8T, 30,000 miles, manual 5-speed transmission.  Car was rolled with damage to roof, frame, and right front fender.  The engine has already been used.  Have bad engine for parts.  Car is being dismantled and most parts are still available.  Front air bags were deployed.  Driver's seat is in poor condition.  Car is silver with gray leatherette interior.  Updated on 8/22/14: Most of the parts have been used.  I do have three other New Beetles ('98, '99, and '02) that are being parted out.  Check with me for details.