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Thank you for supplying your vehicle information!  But there is more, please go to the next form to supply your repair history.  We are asking that you visit the repair form each time you have service performed on your VW.  However, it this is your first visit, or if you prefer doing this on an annual basis, please provide a service record over the past 12 months. 

We are not collecting information on oil changes, but any other service that is performed should be reported using the link on this page.  (Repair of damage from vehicle accidents is beyond the scope of this web site, but we are always interested in stories about how the airbags performed or how the VW survived a wreck.  Send email messages for these unhappy events.)

Link to Repair History (You may want to place this in your favorites folder after the page comes up.)

Note: If you need to add another vehicle, click on "Up" and you will be taken back to the form for entering data about your VW model.

Confirmation of data just entered:

Subscriber ID number (if applicable): ID

email: NAME@HOST  (Be sure to use the same email address on the repair history page.)

If your email address is changed from previous entries use the feedback form to supply both the old and the new email address.

Year: YEAR  Model: MODEL  Unique Number (if applicable): NUM

Engine: ENGINE      Transmission: TRANS

Miles: MILES     Date: DATE  Miles Driven in 12 mo: DRIVE

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