VEE DUB MOTORS -- 11365 US Highway 60 W  -- Kevil KY 42053

Phone: 270-994-6261

At this time, hours at Vee Dub Motors are by appointment.   It is best to call the cell phone number above to ensure that we can connect.  (Leave a message if no answer and we will get back to you.)  If you need to reach me at home, the number is 270-441-7205. Please feel free to call in the evening before 9:00 p.m.

We do offer limited service work.  In addition, we  can provide advice and recommend where to take your car for service.  Some repairs may still be under warranty (unannounced extended waranties) and we can save you money by referring you to the VW dealer for a warranty repair.

We offer late model Volkswagens, but on a limited scale. If you have a particular model and year that you are looking for, we can find it for you at auction, perform needed repairs, and present you with a car that includes a limited 90-day warranty. Ask for more details on this program if interested.

Our selling method is no haggle pricing. All cars are priced at what we must get for them. There is no negotiation on these prices. If you don't like our price, there are plenty of dealers that will haggle. (Just make sure they know how to spell Volkswagen!) For cars with under 100,000 miles, we also provide a limited warranty that is fully disclosed on a separate sheet -- ask for details. There is no added cost for the warranty. We take trades of any brand car, but no financing -- see your credit union or bank. 

Winborn (Windy) Gregory

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    List of cars that are in current inventory and ready to sell: CURRENT LIST

(Also includes VIN and details about each car.)

NOTE: More cars are in preparation. 

The next area is a work in progress.  I just don't have time to keep this updated; sorry!

The inventory includes the following cars:

1. '99 New Beetle, 2.0L, Green, 5-speed, 208,000 mi $4,900  Click to view description
This car has been sold, but I am keeping it here as a place holder.

Photos of the cars are not available at this time.

We attend several auctions each month.  Our favorite is the VW Credit auction in Atlanta.  They have a great selection of VWs coming off lease.  These are typically three to five years old; some are only a year old.  Put in your request for anything special: color, transmission, leather or cloth, miles, price, etc. and we can probably find one for you.  This could save you some money as well. 

All our VWs come with the Vee Dub Advantage which includes free readouts of DTCs if the check engine light should come on. We will give you advice regarding repair. Although the car may be under full warranty, some repairs are very simple and we may be able to save you a trip to the dealer for warranty service.

Vee Dub Motors is a used car dealer in the Paducah, KY area. We are near Interstate 24 between Nashville and St. Louis. Our web site is at You can find additional information on this web site. We offer the same cars as many of the big city dealers, but with a big difference. We actually service each car before the sale. When we buy a car at auction, we take it to our shop and do a wheels off inspection. We then repair anything that needs correction. We also perform any needed maintenance service. Some of our competitors tell you up front that they do nothing to the cars and that you can expect to spend $500 getting it truly ready. We have already done this and in most cases, do not charge any more than the competition. We take trades, but offer no in-house financing. Please call if you have any questions or wish to arrange for transportation assistance. We will assist you in any way that we can (airport or bus station pickup, for example).