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Repair History Quest.

Repair Data Confirmed


If you have already registered your VW with this site, the next step is to fill our a repair history.  The best way to do this is to visit this site each time major service is performed on your VW.  We are not collecting information on oil changes, but any other service that is performed should be reported using the link on this page. 

Be prepared to supply the following for each repair: date of repair, miles, category of repair, cost, and a brief explanation of what was done.

(Repair of damage from vehicle accidents is beyond the scope of this web site, but we are always interested in stories about how the airbags performed or how the VW survived a wreck.  Send email messages for these unhappy events.)

Link to Repair History (You may want to place this in your favorites after it comes up.)

Repair Data Confirmed
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