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What is EuroVan Update?

EuroVan Update is a quarterly newsletter devoted exclusively to the care and maintenance of the VW EuroVan.  Since the first issue in December, 1995, there have been a total of 29 issues with no less than 12 pages each.  Topics have included such trouble areas as uneven tire wear, failing horns, fuel/temperature gauge problems, air conditioner problems, and idle stabilization.  The last cumulative index had over 100 different topics listed.

Step by step repairs and fixes for most of these common problems are included.  Readers who have no mechanical experience are encouraged to start learning the basics of auto repair.  Readers have saved over $1500 using the information provided in the Update.  For example, a $3.00 part for the air conditioner will prevent catastrophic failure of the compressor, which usually results in ruined belts and expensive repairs.

Readers have reported taking the Update to their dealer to show them how to make the repairs!  For example, as late as 1996, many dealers did not know that the rear wheels could be aligned.  We informed them using results of questionnaires that showed that over 20 percent of EuroVan owners had experienced abnormal rear tire wear due to improper alignment of the rear tires.  As a result of this many were able to get VW to do the alignment under warranty.

EuroVan Update is not a club.  It is a "for profit" publication under the sole control of the editor.  Reader contributions are solicited and free issues are awarded when articles are used.  A classified ad section is included to help locate parts and accessories.  Subscribers are allowed one free ad per issue.

An annual questionnaire is sent each December that solicits the repair record for the previous year.  This is how trouble spots are identified.  Results are also compiled to give indications of miles to expect before repair of common items like alternator, starter, water pump, belts, etc.  All model years (93 to 02) including MV, GL, GLS, CL, Campers and Rialtas are covered.  Almost 700 owners of 93 EuroVans contributed to the initial questionnaire.  It is estimated that only 8,000 93 EuroVans were produced, so almost 10% were represented.  We have had over 400 subscribers, but many of these owners have sold their aging 93s. We are looking for the new owners! EU

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