List of Technical Bulletins...

Latest bulletins will be listed on this page.  After about three months, they will be moved to a page for the repair group.

Group Number Date Model, Year Subject Condition or Comments
37 03-01 7/23/03 All with 2.8L VR6 (AFP) and AG4 Auto. Trans.  '99 - '02 Automatic Transmission, Slips When Shifting from 2nd to 3rd Gear Problem with Transmission Control Module (TCM) Software; requires replacement of TCM.
27 03-03 7/10/03 Touareg; '04 Battery, Maintaining Charge During Repairs When ignition switch in on and car is not running (as when performing diagnostic tests), the headlights will pull the battery down, resulting in faulty diagnostics.  Fix is to attach a battery charger, CXC 2140 during the testing.
00 03-03 6/6/03 Touareg; '04 Battery Cut-Off Device, Disconnecting and Removing during Delivery Inspection Device is supposed to be removed by the dealer and returned to VW
00 03-04 6/20/03 All; '04 Battery, Checking Terminal Clamps for Correct Seating at Delivery Inspection Not Required Beginning with '04 models, this check has been removed.
00 03-05 6/24/03 All; '03-'04 Headlights, Adjustment at Delivery Inspection Not Required Beginning with '03 models, the headligts are adjusted with automatic assembly equipment at a VOL specification of 0.7.  A Hella Universal Beamsetter Series IV aiming equipment (VAS 5107) is needed.
01 03-05 7/1/03 GTI, Jetta, Jetta Wagon with 1.8T (AWD, AWW); '01 Update Programming (Flashing) Engine Control Module (ECM) For correction of DTC P0300 related to cylinder misfires being reported as the incorrect number.  Nine page procedure with warnings about ECMs that had already been "tuned" or modified.
27 03-02 6/20/03 Touareg, '04 Battery, Testing and Charging using Midtronics MCR340V or the INC-940 Battery Charging Station. Describes location of battery being under driver's seat and how testing of the battery should be done at that location rather than at the jumper terminals under hood.
55 03-02 6/16/03 New Beetle Convertible; '03 Tailgate/Trunk Lid, Hard to Close Condition may be caused by excessive lock spring tension for lock mechanism.  Improved lock plate available.
Group Number Date Model, Year Subject Condition or Comments
01 03-03 4/15/03 Passat w/ W8 (BDP), 2002, 2003 Update Programming (Flashing) Engine Control Module (TCM) ECM and TCM require "Update -Programming" to correct EVAP DTC P0456  (13 page bulletin with warnings that procedure will overwrite existing program.)
00 03-02 3/28/03 New Beetle Convertable, 2003 Convertible Top Instructional Hang Tag, Installing at the Perfect Delivery Inspection (PDI) One page bulletin applicable mainly to Dealers.
44 03-01 4/15/03 Jetta, New Beetle, 2001, 2003 Vehicle Suspension PR, Numbers Missing from Vehicle Data Sticker This is some information that is needed to align the car.
23 03-01 4/2/03 Golf, Jetta, Jetta Wagon, New Beetle with 1.9L TDI (ALH), 1998-2003 Poor Throttle Response Six page bulletin with instructions for repair and adjustments.
61 03-01 3/24/03 Cabrio, 2002 Rear Window Hinge, Reinstalling Bracket to Glass Procedure to re-glue the bracket to the glass.  Use Adhesiveflex, which is available from WURTH USA (800-526-5228)
61 03-02 4/15/03 New Beetle Convertible, 2003 Convertible Top, Inoperative after Power Has Been Interrupted Instructions for resetting the power window pinch protection by reactivating the system.
87 03-01 5/13/03 All with A/C, up to 2003 Musty Odor from Heating and Ventilation System Six page bulletin on how to eliminate the mold/mildew odor when car is first started.
69 03-01 5/19/03 All with Airbag or Pyrotechnic Seat Belts, up to 2003 Airbag/ Polytechnic Seat Belt Deployment, Inquiries Advisory for the dealer to report any incident of uncommon or exceptional deployment to a given address.
20 03-02 5/21/03 All with Leak Detection Pump (LDP), 1997 - 2003 (w/exceptions) Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) System, Checking using the KLI 9210 EVAP System Tester Eight page bulletin that explains how to use a smoke generator to test for leaks.  Has other important information on this system. (Does not apply to engine code AAA, 1999 and up; ABA, 2002 and up; AES; AXK.)
01 03-04 4/29/03 GTI, Jetta, Jetta Wagon with 1.8T (AWP), 2002, 2003 Update Programming (Flashing) Engine Control Module (ECM) Nine page procedure on updating the faulty programming that causes the DTC for P0300 with P0301, P0302, P0303, and P0304 to be misread. (Dealer operation.)


Group Number Date Model, Year Subject Condition or Comments
19 02-01 12/20/02 All,  >2003 Coolant (Antifreeze), Mixing Precautions New antifreeze (purple) is described which replaces the pink, but is compatible.  Neither is compatible with the older green antifreeze nor any aftermarket antifreeze.
37 02-02 12/13/02 Jetta w/ 5 Sp Auto (09A), 2002 Instrument Cluster Shift Display, Does not Synchronize with Shifter Mechanism May be caused by a loose bolt at the front ball socket of the selector lever cable.
37 02-04 12/20/02 All w/ 5-Speed Auto Trans. Automatic Transmission, Repairing A two-page report to be completed by dealer when the 5-speed automatic transmission requires repair or replacement.
68 02-02 12/05/02 Golf, Jetta, New Beetle w/ Armrest, >2003 Armrest, Loose, Does Not Ratchet Correctly Armrest is loose, does not ratchet correctly.  May be caused by armrest pivot bushings loosened inside pivot point.
01 02-04 08/22/02 New Beetle w/ 1.8L Turbo (APH), 1999-01 MIL On, DTCs P0410, P0411, P1200 or P1423 Stored in DTC Memory May be caused by a cracked or broken vacuum hose due to temperature variations.
01 02-05 08/23/02 New Beetle with 2.0L (AEG), 1998-00; Golf, Jetta with 2.0L (AEG), 1999-01 MIL On, DTC P0410, P0411, or P1423 Stored in DTC Memory May be caused by a cracked or broken vacuum hose due to temperature variations.
01 02-06 09/04/02 Passat w/ ESP, 2002, 2003 DTCs 00778 and 01044 Stored in Brake Electronics DTC Memory DTCs 00778, Steering angle sensor (G85) Balancing not carried out and 01044, Control Module incorrectly coded, is stored in DTC memory.  May be caused by a malfunction of the Steering angle sensor (G85).
01 02-07 10/25/02 Golf, Jetta, Jetta Wagon, New Beetle w/ 2.0L (AZG adn AVH), 2002 Misfire, Incorrect Cylinder Identified by ECM Software Fault codes P0300 along with P0301, P0302, P0303, or P0304 stored in DTC memory.  (ECM reports incorrect cylinder that misfires.)
37 02-01 10/10/02 All with 2.0L (ULEV) engine and AG4 Trans., 2002, 2003 Transmission, Engage Time Appears Excessive When Shifting from Park Position Normal condition due to "Cold neutral control" when catalyst is cold.
64 02-03 12/12/02 New Golf, GTI,  New Jetta, Jetta Wagon, 1999-2002; New Beetle, 1998-2002 Driver and Passenger Door Window Regulator, Repairing Supersedes 64-02-02 (06/20/02).  Describe special tool kit and procedures for repairing window regulators that are broken or damaged.  (11 pages)
66 02-01 08/27/02 Passat, 2002 Radiator Grille, Running Change Normal for 1.8L Turbo to have closed grill and V6 and W8 to have an open grill.